What are we all about?

Burgers – great drinks – fun times – it’s that simple. We love good times and great food, drinks and service – that’s why we do what we do.

All our 7oz Burger Patties are made with 100% British beef from our Local butcher, Prentice Butchers. We take our delivery of fresh meat every day, mix it up in to our top secret recipe and end up with our own fresh (never frozen!), homemade burgers daily. To top that off we bring in all our buns and dog rolls from Baker Toms Bakery, just down the road in Redruth.

All of our cheeses and toppings are sourced locally where possible, unless we need something from the states – in which case we fly it over for your pleasure (sorry, sometimes the UK does let us down with some of the more outrageous items!



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